Why you won’t use ClickFunnels after watching this

This video may convince you to never use ClickFunnels for your funnels, and why I am moving over to DropFunnels, at least for my paid traffic pages.

ClickFunnels VS DropFunnels

First, both are easy to use, and if you don’t care about the community as much as the money you are spending vs money you are making then watch this until the end.

I have a ton of respect for Russel Brunson and his whole team, however I never tested page load speeds on any of my ClickFunnel funnels.

Some may think this isn’t a big deal, but when you look at the law of large numbers, as I do in this video, page load speeds should be the first item to look at when digging through your data.

If lead costs seem high, check the page load speed. Since DropFunnels is built on top of WordPress, it loads the pages much faster.

In retrospect, and using all the data I had with my own online coaching program, I can safely say that I lost out on over $2 Million dollars from potential opt-ins that left the page, because of how long it took to load.

I’ll break this all down in the video and share:

1. ClickFunnels Opt-in Load Speed – 5.4 Seconds
2. DropFunnels Opt-in Load Speed – 2.4 Seconds

After digging deeper I found my ClickFunnels opt-in in 2019 was actually averaging over 7 seconds to load. That is a HUGE issue.

When I spread out all my data, it is safe to say I made a massive mistake not catching this faster, and the money I wasted is extraordinary!

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