Watch Free Expert Secrets Webinar By Russel Brunson and Get His Free book

Watch Free Expert Secrets Webinar By Russel Brunson and Get His Free book !!!

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April 13, 2018 · Book Review
“This book made me change my mind about Russell Brunson – I have a newfound respect for him after reading Expert Secrets.”

I use many different services for my business, and clickfunnels ( website/sales funnel building solution) is one of them. I first signed up for clickfunnels (a product which is owned by none other than the author of Expert Secrets) because it was known as the de-facto standard for selling things online and converting traffic into paying customers.

As I was going through his own “sales funnel” and began to become fascinated with this young multimillionaire marketer, I found video after video, and sales pitch after sales pitch. And at some point, I watched a few videos from him which struck me the wrong way. Videos where he seemed egotistical, cocky, and overly used car salesman like. So I kept using Clickfunnels, but I never bought into this outrageous character Russell Brunson.

Another thing to note is that the book is very well written and concise, the information is presented in an easy to digest manner, and I rather like that the book is comprised as a set of “secrets” hence the title, Expert Secrets. Instead of chapters, each “chapter” is set up as a secret, and then an in depth knowledge about the secret and how it’s applied.

Here’s a list of the “EXPERT SECRETS” – aka strategies to making an impact and being an expert

Section One: Creating You Mass Movement

Secret #1 – The Charismatic Leader/Attractive Character

Secret #2- The Cause

Secret #3 – The New Opportunity

Secret #4 – The Opportunity Switch

Section Two: Creating Belief

Secret #5 – The Big Domino

Secret #6 – The Epiphany Bridge

Secret #7 – The Hero’s Two Journeys

Secret #8 – The Epiphany Bridge Script

Secret #9 – False Belief Patterns

Secret #10 – The 3 Secrets

Section Three: Your Moral Obligation

Secret #11 – The Stack Slide

Secret #12 – The Perfect Webinar

Secret #13 – The One Thing

Secret #14 – Breaking & Rebuilding Belief Patterns

Secret #15 – The Stack

Secret #16 – Trial Closes

Section Four: The Funnels

Secret #17 – The Perfect Webinar Model

Secret #18 – The 4-Question Close (For High Ticket Offers)

Secret #19 – The Perfect Webinar Hack

Secret #20 – Email Epiphany Funnels

Secret #21 – Epiphany Product Launch Funnels

Section Five: What’s Next?

Secret #22 – Fill Your Funnel

I think the pro’s of this book are:

It moves from more general in the beginning to more specific at the ending
It’s a quick/easy read
It’s actionable
It helps you understand online marketing even if you’re a newbie
It helps you understand the in’s and out’s of an expert online business
If you follow everything to a tee it would be hard to lose
If you watch more “what he does” vs. “what he says” you’ll learn 10X more
For example – he uses his book to sale you on the philosophy, then you have to purchase his products/offers to take advantage of that philosophy
I think the con’s of this book are:
He never addresses other ways of doing business (aka offline experts)
It’s used to primarily puff up his other methods and get you indoctrinated so that you purchase his other products
It could be seen as a glorified sales pamplet
I don’t like the “one way” side of things, as if webinars are the only way, there are many many multi-millionaires I know who don’t have fancy funnels, webinars, or the best of class marketing magic and are still pulling in 100’s of thousands of dollars per month.
I think it could be discouraging to newbies because it makes it all seem way to technical/over complicated, for a newbie just start with finding and audience and a message and learn and take action
You could get too caught up in the details to take action


Watch Free Expert Secrets Webinar By Russel Brunson and Get His Free book !!!

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