Traffic Secrets Book Review: Secret #5 REVEALED

In This Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets Book Review I summarise the core concept of secret #5 found within Traffic Secrets so you can spend more time implementing the ideas found inside his book and less time wasting time…


Now in this chapter of Traffic Secrets Russell Talks about what the term “traffic that you own” means, how to leverage this and why it’s so crucial for success.

In this chapter Russell starts by explaining how he initially bought a list of email addresses and wanted to make money of off these people by sending them emails to purchase his product. He then continues to go on to tell about how he bought a list of emails and spammed them and basically his internet company threatened to shut down his internet and sue him…
Afterwords, he learned about how to email people ethically which is where the phrase “traffic that you own” comes in. What the phrase “traffic that you own” means is basically saying you are allowed to email people but they first have to voluntarily submit their emails.

He goes on and later explains the best way to do this is by building an email list which is a way to get people to voluntarily give you their email, usually in exchange for something of value.

So in order to build an email list Russell outlines three different ways to go about this. The first way is by using a lead funnel. In a lead funnel you would typically give something for free in exchange for their email address like an ebook or digital report. This way you collect their email, they get something of value for free and you can continue to email them legally!.
The 2nd way is by using a free book funnel. Now if you do have a physical book you want to get out there then this is the best way. Basically with this method you offer your book completely for free and all the customer has to pay for is the shipping. This is also known as the free+shipping method. So they will give you their email in exchange for this valuable book and then offer upsells or one time orders in the sales page to increase the value order.

The 3rd way is by using a webinar funnel. With the webinar funnel people exchange their email in exchange for some kind of web class or training which at the end you would typically sell a course or product that would benefit them in addition to the training.

Russel then goes on to talk about how to understand how much your list is worth in terms of dollars. Essentially its $1 per email. So if you have 1000 people on your email list you should be able to make 1000 dollars on average a month by sending out offers. That being said the actual value could be greater or lower depending how good you are at writing persuasive emails.


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