Secrets of A Boudoir Photographer – Molly Keyser – FHR #197

Why Dave Talked to Molly:

Molly is a boudoir photographer who did live webinars until she reached a million dollars. She is part of the winner’s circle. She had 81 cents to her name when she dropped out of college and started to focus solely on photography and eventually developed her niche to boudoir photography, making six figures.

Tips and Tricks for your Business:

-Molly talks about tips that she’s used in her business that works well. (8:56)

-Molly talks about how ManyChat works for her on her landing page. (10:23)

-Molly talks about where her business is going in the next year by using click funnels. (17:22)

Quotable Moments:

“We Like to Empower Women.”

“I’ve never been a cookie cutter type person.”

“I didn’t even know about Russell or click funnels or anything until I went to Funnel Hacking
live in 2017 and we’ve 3x’ed our business is going to that event.”

Other Tidbits:

You don’t have to have a broad market to make money. You can focus on a niche market and dominate it. You’re market strategy means everything.

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