Russell’s Journey to Breaking EVERY Sales Record at 10x Growth Con (Part 1) | FHTV Ep 91

Get an exclusive look into the biggest event that Russell Brunson has spoken at EVER where he made over 3 million dollars in 90 MINUTES!! It is time for the 10Xgrowthcon with Grant Cardone. We have finally arrived at the event to end all events. Do you mind if we over deliver? Subscribe ➤

Before Grant Cardone’a 10x Growth Conference, we flew down to Arizona to meet up with Dean Graziosi who is a six-time bestselling author, real estate expert and successful entrepreneur. His book “Millionaire Success Habits” has sold over a million copies worldwide and is truly one of Russell’s heroes.

We’ll take you backstage as we scope out the 9,000-seat arena in the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas. This funnel hacker TV episode is one for the record books and it’s only Part 1! Stay tuned for Part 2 of our awesome trip as we give you an unprecedented look at Grant Cardone’s 10xgrowthcon, Russell’s 3 Million Dollar Presentation, and the Click Funnels mayhem that ensued after.

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