Ricardo Leite Jr., Secrets Of A Digital Marketing College Entrepreneur – How To Make Money Online

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Ricardo Leite Jr. is a college entrepreneur and immigrant from Brazil. Recently married and struggling to pay the bills reveals what he did to turn opposition into opportunity. Listen to find out how he is using ClickFunnels to split test products before he buys them thus drastically improving his success.

Show Notes:

-Ricardo was running out of funds for the month and was introduced to Amazon and soon had a near $3,000 surplus in his funds soon after

-Fusing Clickfunnels and Amazon

-Sell a product before you have it

-Ricardo has learned from his entrepreneurial experience thus far that you need to take action


“We were talking about the principle of selling something, before you have it here.”

“If you have an idea that you want to pursue and you highly believe it’s going to work you should try it. If you fail it’s not a big deal try something else.”

“What differentiates the entrepreneur from the person who aspires to be an entrepreneur are the actions that you take.”

Ricardo knew he had to learn how to make money online to help is family. He didn’t know if that would be email marketing, affiliate marketing, but he knew that he could do it with digital marketing. After finding Russell Bruson and ClickFunnels … his ecommerce success is exactly what he was looking for!

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