Physical Product Sales Funnel Including Upsells and Sales Copy (Clickfunnels) #Funnel Fridays

On this Week’s Episode of Final Friday, we will be showing you step by step how to create a Physical Products Sales Funnel using Clickfunnels. Watch Over The Shoulder as Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards not only build out an E-commerce Marketing Funnel but show you how they create the upsells and sales copy!

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Welcome to Funnel Fridays with Russell Brunson!

It’s all about being the life of the party in this episode as we create a killer sales funnel for a DYI gin making kit (from Dave Kambucha Lindenbaum). This DIY sales funnel can be used for Shopify, Amazon or any Ecommerce platform you selling your Physical products on.

Watch as this Marketing Funnel practically sells itself with craftily worded titles and sales copy using our very own Funnelscripts, which is a software we built to help you with your Clickfunnels sales funnels. Jim shows us all that he is the master at VSL Wizard by making a sales copy video in 10 minutes!

It’s a special episode that proves you don’t even have to be an expert or user of the product to create a killer high converting sales funnel (cause neither of these guys drink). The guys go through each sales funnel including all the upsells and order bump (see the breakdown below). It’s 20 minutes, with an actual physical product funnel, this is how we do it at funnel Fridays.

Breakdown of the sales funnel:
Order now and get a free flask (Bonus)
Immediate Order Bump: 4 Shot Glasses
OTO 1: Customized Martini Glasses
OTO 2: Case of Customized Private Label Liquor bottles

If you want to order Dave’s awesome DIY kit, you can do so here:


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