One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus – Would you trade $100 for $9896 ?

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus – Would you trade $100 for $9896 ? GRAB everything you need right now !

5 day Lead Challenge With Russell Brunson Of Clickfunnels – Day 4 Debrief !!!!

Why do people stop getting business ?

Cause they stop focusing on getting more leads into their business !

Russell went over why you should be getting into the next OFA.

He will be going live everyday Monday – Friday

The tactics

You get access to coaches to help you implement !

Going to build out your framework and create funnels !

Week 1 : Offer
Week 2 : funnel
Week 3: upsells
Week 4 : traffic

Guest today is Rachel Millar – to help us with traffic !

There are 3 places where people go to drive traffic

1 : personal fb profile
with fb we are 1.7 people away from our perfect customer !!!
Set it up for trust.

2 : fb groups
Be the best guest on others fb groups. Use reply chains( comment ladders ) , use a question to reply to any answer 😉
Your own fb group ? build a tribe. connect with the tribe.
Cover, description, welcome question, announcement post

3 : fb biz page
Cover, question post , announcement posts

What questions to post ?
You know you are a …. when _____ blank

I just created this check list about ____ blank , who wants it ?
( send to email opt in, then deliver it )

Then we went through the one pager, of what to post and how to post it !

Now it went through another reminder as to why we ALL need to go through the next OFA !

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One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus

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