More About How ClickFunnels Built a $100m Revenue Empire, $1 Billion+

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Credit: Russell Brunson Russell Brunson For many, Silicon Valley is a hotbed of technological productivity, bursting with a sea of startups, each demanding the attention of both customers and investor. Yet, situated some 670 miles northeast from the world’s most notorious birther of worldwide tech leviathans and newly-minted start-ups, sits a little town in Boise, Idaho, which is now home to among the hottest SaaS business on the planet.

There was no one there to make suggestions on sales strategies or attempt to influence Brunson’s service strategy to scale or flesh-out the platform in any shape or manner. Nope. Not one. Brunson was on his own. Nevertheless, ClickFunnels, which was completely self-funded by Brunson’s Etison, LLC, introduced in the middle of a dazzle of emails that sent sizzling sales copy, enticing over 1 million individuals on his list to join his latest venture.

Over one million people. That’s the size of Brunson’s e-mail list. And it’s growing more powerful by the day. The competitive benefit that Brunson holds over your typical creator is among deep entrenchment in the online marketing area. He lives, breathes and feeds off of the analytics, able to diligently inspect sales copy, firmly twist and cook up high-converting offers, and pick apart the resultant traffic until he’s developed a proverbial atm.

Yes, this is the things of legends. This is what dreams are made of. This is what attracts those unwilling 9-to-5′ ers who visualize a life lived according to their own means, one beyond all the corporate red-tape and bureaucracies of careerism. As someone who’s fluent and deeply ingrained in the internet marketing area, I have actually been drawn to Brunson’s drawl for some time now.

In this field filled with one-hit wonders and smoke-and-mirror shows, a person like Brunson stands out. In fact, anyone in any market who works to include worth primarily will increase to the top. Which’s precisely what Brunson has constantly intended to do– to add value to the lives of entrepreneurs wanting to untether the cable from a full-time task that has them at the mercy of their business overlords.

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