May 24, 2019- Book Review Friday #5: Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

So I’m not normally a fan of “how-to” books (except for last week’s “Five Lessons” by Ben Hogan)…

The reason being- rarely do they lay out how to actually do something in a proven, step-by-step manner.

Expert Secrets, however, is an exception.

Russell Brunson formulates how to take a particular discipline of interest and turn it into a profitable business by following a simple (albeit progressive) game plan. 

The book is anecdotal and relatable, as Russell is a fantastic salesman and storyteller (which mean the same thing).

What is exceptional about the book, however, is how unexceptional the content actually is- Russell would tell you such himself (and does).

Truly, anyone can implement the steps he lays out…but few actually will.

The book is another in a long line of “take action,” course-like books that usually winds up collecting dust on on the shelves of would-be entrepreneurs ruminating about their next “project.”

But great information only works when you do!

Now I personally am not a huge fan of Russell’s company ClickFunnels (it is nowhere near as simple a software to utilize as they lead you to believe it is), but I am a supporter of his belief that you can build both a business and a movement around an “expert” brand.

That said, Expert Secrets is a book to read or listen to more than once- I can almost guarantee I will listen to the audiobook en route to the NCAA Golf Championships in Fayetteville, AR this coming weekend (8 hours from Austin!). 

Def pick this one up!

Yours in health and wellness, 


Founder/Creator, ActiveHabit & Active30

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