How to Build a Sales Funnel with Clickfunnels Funnel Fridays Ep 43

We are monkeying around and hanging out on air with Russell Brunson in this episode of Funnel Fridays! Today we are showing how to build your entire sales funnel with Clickfunnels and Funnelscripts. And we do it in less than 30 minutes! As Russell Brunson likes to put it, simplicity really is the key because simplicity sells.
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In today’s episode, we are rebuilding the GPS Boss funnel created by Richard Mason. This handy device helps you to locate your vehicle whether it’s been stolen by a stranger or taken by your teenager.

Get A Copy Of This funnel here:

We show you how to create a marketing funnel with clickfunnels by:

* Repositioning his target audience by making it more specific.

* Creating a good headline and bullet points using Funnel Scripts.

* Creating a video sales letter using the VSL wizard and transforming it into a catchy video.

* Plus easy Clickfunnels tips and tricks.

We are highlighting how easy creating a sales funnels can be by using simple and effective marketing funnels like Clickfunnels and Funnelscripts. Because all you literally have to do is “wac the button” rather than pay someone upwards of $5000.00 to create sales scripts for you. It’s budget friendly!

Tell us about your funnel in the comments below! You never know, your funnel could be featured on our weekly Funnel Friday’s episodes.

To find out more about Clickfunnels and FunnelScripts as well as get training and tutorials on these products, visit go here

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