EXPERT SECRETS REVIEW + SUMMARY – So you want to start your own expert business?

Want to use knowledge you already have to start your own business?
Get Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson here:

In this video I give you my review of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets.

Expert Secrets shows you that it is possible to start your own business from knowledge and expertise that you already have – even if you don’t know it yet.

This book is not only for new entrepreneurs, because it can also be used for existing businesses who want to leverage info products to grow an existing company.

Russell Brunson takes you from 0 to the Perfect Webinar and describes each step in great detail.

So, while you can read Expert Secrets in a week, this is a book for close study, especially if you are just starting out.

Naturally, Russell Brunson uses his own software, ClickFunnels in his examples. However, ClickFunnels is not a requirement to get value out of this Expert Secrets.

The points in Expert Secrets are what you need if you are interested in starting your own expert business, knowledge business, info product business, coaching business, or any kind of personal brand where you want to position yourself as an expert.

It doesn’t mean you go from nothing to expert over night. Russell explains the value of publishing content and publishing your journey so that the people who begin to follow you have a relatable character to follow and know your story … where you started and where you want to go.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson!
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