DOTCOM Secrets Versus EXPERT SECRETS Book. Learn The Real Truth About These Two Books!

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Secrets of Dot Com Secrets Book and Expert Secrets Book.

Again, I want to give you an honest review of both the DotCom Secrets Book and Expert Secrets book.
In this video I’m going to give you 12 strategies you can use in your business.

I’ve personally read both books and the revised Dot Com Book is loaded with new information.

I picked up a number of new strategies and funnel secrets from the Dot Com book.

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Dot Com Secrets was first published by Russell Brunson in 2015. It has 255 pages and the new revised Dot Com Book has 388 pages.

Just a ton of new material that ties in both Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets.

If you study and observe the strategies and funnel tips in both these book it will be better than paying for a $40,000 a year tuition at the best marketing school in the country.

It’s called “The Underground Playbook” for growing your company online with sales funnels.

Just a few things you will learn in the new revised Dot Com Secrets Book.
• You will learn about Value Ladders and how to build your sales letter and funnels.
• Secrets about using Email Marketing.
• The top 10 sales funnels to use in your business.
• How to build a perfect webinars.

This book is NOT about increasing your conversions – yet these secrets will increase your conversions MORE than any headline tweak or split test you could ever hope to make.

Expert Secrets Book is “The Underground Playbook” for creating a mass movement of people who will pay for your advice…

It’s the second half of your journey you have already started by reading Dot Com Secrets Book.

Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge. Talent and an abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich.

You will learn about:
• Leadership skills.
• Finding your tribe.
• Psychology of decision making.
• Advanced email marketing.
• The big domino secrets.
• The perfect webinar model.
• The 4-questions close (For high ticket offers)
• The perfect webinar hacks.

Also, I highly recommend you also get the Funnel Hacker Black Box you will have access to when you order these books.

The books are free and all you do is pay shipping and handling.

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I do receive affiliate commissions.

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