Creating Irresistible Offers – Lisa Sasevich – FHR #191

Why Dave Chose to Interview Lisa Sasevich:

Lisa has been creating irresistible offers for decades. These offers have helped her sell over $40 million of her own products and services from home with 2 toddlers in tow. This skill has also helped her business become an Inc 500 fastest growing privately held company. She details her 3 components to the perfect irresistible offer and how you can use them in your business. You can even use them to help raise your kids.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-All the activities that you are doing (book launches, genius networks, posts, etc.) might not combine to make the ‘irresistible Offer’. (2:32)

-Lisa gives us a taste of the ‘Irresistible Offer’ by using the tactics on us so we are able to see how we are in need of her services to better our own industries. (7:04)

-We get to hear about the importance of the timing of our offers to make them appear so irresistible. (10:30)

-You have a moral obligation to extend an offer to your audience according to Lisa. (12:16)

-Do you really want to do the heavy lifting for your competition? (14:40)

-Lisa got focused enough to extend an irresistible offer and lets us know how to follow in her footsteps. (18:22)

-Lisa gives us three components our offers need to have. (24:45)

-We need to make our time feel genuine. (31:53)

Quotable Moments:

“…like they’re doing all the activities that they’re supposed to do, but it’s just not all designed to lead to that irresistible offer.”

“You kind of feel like you’re in motion but you’re really just jumping up and down. When you add your offer then you’re going forward. So, it’s about all of the stuff you’re doing, and not stopping them, but when you add this focus it makes it pay.”

“People are so passionate about their mission yet so scared to sell. Yet it’s not a sell when you have something of true value that you want to give to people.”

“That is where you’re building that funnel, you’re selling something online, I believe you are doing 80% of the work for 20% of the profits. You add that live event, have that lead to a high ticket irresistible offer, you’ll be doing 20% of the work for 80% of the profits.”

Other Tidbits:

Dave gives Lisa major kudos for all that she has done. Not only in the realm of business though, Lisa has also left an impact on the home front as well with raising two toddlers as a single mom.

Lisa emphatically relays the importance of not overwhelming your audience. Your product might be extraordinarily simple yet have multiple opportunities for going deeper into complexities. If this is the case, then let your audience know that after they buy into your product. If they only need to find out something basic, give them their answer and if they want to let their imagination run wild after that then you can present them with that opportunity.

Dave and Lisa have gotten to the point where one sale doesn’t move a mountain the way it used to, however changing a life means all the world to them. The first section of this is a very prevalent truth to some of your audiences. Is the second as prevalently known to your audience? Do you feel genuine excitement when your product truly changes someone’s life?

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