Can The One Funnel Away Challenge by ClickFunnels Teach You To Sell Anything? Feat Russell Brunson

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Welcome to the very first episode of One Funnel Away Stories!

My name is Steve J Larsen and I’m a marketing coach and master offer crafter. For more than a year, I’ve been a coach in the One Funnel Away Challenge – a place where people learn how to make funnels that work no matter what they are selling.

During my time with One Funnel Away, I’ve encountered thousands of people who have successfully made their transition from failure to freedom. And this podcast is where I’ll be sharing their incredible stories.

We are taking off and we’re bringing out the big guns!

Today I’m joined by my mentor and one of my dearest friends. The one and only – Russell Brunson.

Russell is the founder of ClickFunnels and the creator of the One Funnel Away Challenge, so there’s absolutely no better way to start this podcast.

In this episode, Russell shares his journey from selling potato gun DVDs to becoming one of the greatest entrepreneurial thought leaders of his generation.

Key Takeaways:

– How Russell got into the game (2:49)
– His very first contact with sales and funnels (4:31)
– A brief overview of his many, many attempts (7:26)
– The key thing that kept him going until he finally reached success (11:32)
– How he managed to cultivate perfect belief in himself (13:53)
– Where did the idea of “One Funnel Away” come from? (15:47)
– One of the core principles you need to know to make effective funnels (23:37)

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